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2002 5-speed Transmission Conversion Kit

2002 5-speed Transmission Conversion Kit

Based on the BMW factory design, our kit provides all the parts required to complete the Getrag 245 conversion - just supply your own transmission! Or, purchase one of ours by contacting us.

Kit includes throw-out bearing, shortened fully rebuilt OEM driveshaft (exchange), center bearing, guibo, rear mounting brackets, refurbished cross-member, HD transmission mount, BMW shift platform mounts, support and shifter foam, short-shift lever and linkage, long speedo cable, hydraulic line, clutch slave cylinder, brass pivot pin, reverse light switch, two quarts of Redline MTL hardware and instruction manual.

Price: $1,395.00 (kit)



Used Driveshaft

Rebuilt Driveshaft (+ $375)

Shift Plate Core:

$50 (refundable w/ exchange)

Driveshaft Core Charge:

$300 (refundable w/exchange)

T/O Bearing (clutch) size:


228mm (+ $35)


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