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2002 Rear Disc Brake Kit

2002 Rear Disc Brake Kit

This conversion kit utilizes VW Scirroco 16-valve or Jetta GLI rear calipers with ratchet-style e-brake mechanisms that can be attached to the stock 2002 e-brake cables (assuming they are in good condition, etc). When fit to the 2002 trailing arms, the calipers will be positioned at the bottom of the discs, with the e-brake cables extending forward beneath the trailing arms, and the new SS brake lines “wrapping” around the backsides of the trailing arms.

When utilized with a standard “big brake” conversion in the front (with semi-metallic pads or similar), the rear disc semi-metallic or metallic brake pads should provide near optimum brake bias (all four wheels lock at the same time). In the event that you rear lock up prior to front lock up, it may be necessary to either change to a higher friction front pad or to install a brake bias adjuster (usually $40 - $50) to reduce the effective rear braking. This assumes, of course, that braking components are in good working order. If you have questions, please contact us.

*Note: Due to the size of the kit, this only fits on 14"+ wheels.

Price: $695.00



core charge ($200)

E12 Master Cylinder with 2 Grommets


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