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E21 Recaro Front Seats

Our rebuilt and reupholstered 320is Recaro seats are finished in colors which very-closely match stock 2002, E21 and E30 BMW models. Upholstery is available in vinyl, cloth and genuine leather, with a variety of stitching options. We start with a good core, then each seat is disassembled and repaired where necessary. The bottom seat webbing is replaced to provide a firm feel, and all the plastic knobs and covers are installed. All seats carry a 90-day warranty, but expect them to last many years.

Fitment: The 320is Recaro seats have standard mounting holes in the base allowing for installation in many types of vehicles with the correct adapter brackets, many of which we offer. Adapter brackets for other BMW models and other makes can be purchased from a Recaro seat dealer.

Vinyl E21 Recaro Front Seats 

$1,995.00 (pair) more info and to order

Leather E21 Recaro Front Seats 

$2,995.00 (pair) more info and to order

Cloth E21 Recaro Front Seats 

$1,995.00 (pair) more info and to order

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