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Front Chrome Bumpers

We offer complete (5-piece) and semi-complete (3-piece) bumpers on an exchange basis with refundable core charge, or, we can repair and rechrome your bumpers. Our 5-piece bumper set includes the center section, 2 corners or sides, and the 2 horns/overriders/bumperettes. For those wishing for the 'Euro' look, we offer a 3-piece bumper which includes the center and the 2 corners/sides (European horn-delete chrome caps are available from BMW and other parts suppliers.) Please note that rubber surrounds and the vertical strips behind the over-riders are not included.

Note on Core Charges: In order to continue being able to provide quality bumpers into the future, we must have repairable cores in stock. Therefore, we add a core charge to provide incentive for the customer to return their old bumper to us. But don't fretů the core charge is refunded upon receipt and inspection, so long as your bumper core meets the following criteria:

  1. Bumper cores must not have excessive rust; if there is no good metal to which to plate, we can't use it.
  2. Core parts must not be bent or damaged so badly that it can't be repaired.
  3. Cores must be "like for like," meaning that we must receive the same pieces ordered (model/year). For those attempting to complete a bumper conversion to a '74, '75, '76, a full ferrous core is required.

If incomplete or partially acceptable core bumpers are returned to us, we will offer a partial refund of the core charge paid. Contact us to discuss if this situation applies. To avoid a core charge, a customer may send a used bumper to us in advance of purchasing the restored bumper.

Front Bumper Set for 1967-71 BMW 2002 

$550.00 more info and to order

Front Bumper Set for 1971-72 BMW 2002 

$550.00 more info and to order

Front Bumper Set for 1973 BMW 2002 

$550.00 more info and to order

Partial Front Bumper (3 pieces) for 1967-71 BMW 2002 

$475.00 more info and to order

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