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Welcome to the Limited Slip Differentials category.

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A limited slip differential can be fit in a 2002 (all years and all models with short neck type). There are two differentials that can be installed.

  1. Factory 2002 LSD. Very Difficult to obtain and are seldom offered here.
  2. E21 320i LSD. Aardvarc often has stock of E21 LSDs, so please check the product option below for E21 LSDs.

An E21 LSD can be installed in a 2002 with minimum effort by installing the Aardvarc axle flange, bolts, spacer kit, and your stock 2002 differential cover. See the remaining categories for the complete kit or individual kit components.

Aardvarc recommends a 3.64 ratio differential if the car has a 4-speed transmission, or a 3.91 ratio differential if the car has a 5-speed overdrive transmission. For a greater discussion of differential gear ratios click here

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