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Recaro Seat Repro Adjusting Knob Support

Recaro Seat Repro Adjusting Knob Support

This part has been no longer available from BMW for over 20 years and I have recently had an OEM piece copied and printed using 3D printing technology. Here are the details:

Copy of BMW part # 52 10 1 875 827

The listing is for the control handle support only. No bolt, no knob, no bracket.

Cosmetically not perfect, but I am trying to keep costs down, and the cost of this piece goes way up if it is smoothed and made to look pretty. Since a control know fits over it, the aesthetics are not very important.

See lead photo for RealOEM exploded diagram showing the part #12 and its position in the assembly of the control bracket. Also see the other photos for specifics on what all the pieces look like.

This part has been digitized and printed using a 3D printer. The unit is constructed of ABS plastic and fits tightly to control shaft, and the control handle fits snugly to the support piece offered in this listing.

Each seat requires 1 control knob and support, so if you need 2 of them, select 2.

If you want a control handle, you can order one from Aardvarc at http://www.2002parts.com/bmw/recaro-seat-parts/rec-angknob-coveremblem.html

Price: $30.00



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