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Open End Bulge Nut

Open End Bulge Nut

With order is a lot of sixteen (16) open end lug nuts for your 2002, Bavaria, Coupe, or other BMW. Are your lug nuts rounded off, rusty, or just plain ugly? Then pony up and order some new lug nuts. The photo shows just one lug nut. These are conical seat bulge nuts designed for alloy wheels. These are favored for wheels with center caps or hub caps. What I like is that you can see the lug stud sticking out, giving some visual assurance that the nut is securely tightened. Specs:

Zinc-plated steel

Grade 8.8

12x1.5 thread pitch just like your existing nuts

Uses a 19mm socket

Fits a 2002, Coupe, E9, and every BMW with 12mm x 1.5 studs so there are no problems

Over 1000 sold in the US in the last few years, with no complaints or issues.

I have used these same nuts on my race car for the last 15 years, with no failure or problems.

Price: $20.00 (16 included.)



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